Transit Slip Instructions

Please DO NOT reuse transit labels by crossing through destinations, circling or highlighting information. Always use a NEW transit label.  Labels are set up to help our sorters view information at a glance and assists in getting items into your patrons hands as quickly as possible.

The new Official IHLS Transit Label can be accessed by clicking on

When completing the slip please include the following information:

  • Library Name (mandatory):   Name of the receiving library (Decatur Public Library, Marshall High School, etc)   
  • Library Code:  If the receiving library is a SHARE member, their 4 letter code will go on this line.  The codes can be found by clicking on  Hint:  the first 3 letters of all codes are related to the library name, the last letter will be:

             E for schools
             P for publics
             A for academics
             S for specials
(for example:  Decatur Public Library DPLP.  If the receiving library is not listed on the codes list, it is not a SHARE member, please leave this line blank and complete Library Name and hub code lines)