PAC links to Facebook blocked

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John Schirle
PAC links to Facebook blocked

I believe others have experienced the same problem -- when I try to post links to particular items in the PAC to our library's Facebook page, they are blocked by Facebook as "abusive".  I have repeatedly tried various strategies, posting to the library's page, to my own page, posting links to a particular control number, to a title, to a record set.  I have also tried shortening the link with, tiny.url, -- all the same.  Once Facebook parses the shortened link, it's blocked the same. I get the same result using the "post to Facebook" button from the catalog. I find that I CAN post a general link to the catalog portal: -- and that works just fine. But once I try to post something like: -- it's blocked. I have also repeatedly reported to Facebook that this is an error, affecting not just our library but (I presume) all 400+ libraries in our system which might want to post, for example, new book links, to their Facebook pages. Is anyone else experiencing this?  Does anyone have an idea why this is happening, or a work-around for it? Thanks! John Schirle Decatur Public Library

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