A List of Fines

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Annie McClellan
A List of Fines

Is there a report I can print that will just give me a list of students who owe fines?  I am only finding the mailer for fines, but I am a school librarian and just plan on talking to the students individually.  I don't like printing out 30 pages every time if I could just get a list of students who have fines on a sheet or two.

Annie McClellan
Central A&M High School Media Specialist

Lisa Davis
The best I have found is

The best I have found is under the Utilities menu - 'Patron Services', 'Patron Financial' and then either 'Fine by Amount' which will list four patrons per page and includes their name, or 'Fines and Fees' which lists one line item per patron, but only lists their barcode instead of their name.

Annie McClellan
That's much better!  Thanks!

That's much better!  Thanks!

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