Library Closings

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Library Namesort descendingClosed DateComments
Caseyville Public Library District05/25/2015
Catlin Community Unit School District #505/25/2015Memortial Day
Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District05/25/2015Memorial Day
Groff Memorial Library05/25/2015Memorial Day
Hayner Public Library District05/25/2015Closed for Memorial Day
Hayner Public Library District05/24/2015Closed for Memorial Day
Hoopeston Public Library District05/25/2015Memorial Day
Kaskaskia College05/25/2015Closed for Memorial Day
Lake Land College05/26/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/27/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/24/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/25/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/30/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/31/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/22/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/29/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/28/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/23/2015College Closed
Lake Land College05/18/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/19/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/20/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/21/2015open 8-5
Lake Land College05/25/2015Memorial Day
New Baden Public Library05/23/2015Memorial day
Newton Public Library District05/25/2015Closed for Memorial Day
Norris City Memorial Public Library District05/25/2015
Palestine Public Library District05/25/2015Memorial Day
Philo Public Library District05/25/2015
Philo Public Library District05/25/2015
Pinckneyville Public Library05/25/2015Closed Memorial Day
Rantoul Public Library05/24/2015
Rantoul Public Library05/25/2015
Rend Lake College05/25/2015Memorial Day - Closed
Smithton Public Library District05/25/2015Memorial Day
South Macon Public Library District05/23/2015Memorial Day
South Macon Public Library District05/25/2015Memorial Day
West Frankfort Public Library05/25/2015Memorial Day
Windsor Storm Memorial Public Library District05/25/2015closed for Memorial Day